Miracle four: national parks and jungle

Nepal is not only a moderately cold mountainous area and ice zone, but also a tropical jungle. The most popular place to plunge into the heart of the Nepalese tropics (feeling like in Africa!) Is Chitwan National Park, two hundred kilometers from Kathmandu. In a few days in the national park – all tourists usually live in the village of Sauratha (“the village of hotels”) – we managed to see in their natural environment several rhinos, families of elephants with elephants, herds of deer, various monkeys, wild foxes and buffaloes. In addition to jungle walks, on foot, in open buggies-jeeps and elephants, the favorite entertainment of tourists in Chitwan is canoeing on the river with crocodiles. There are two types of crocodiles in the park: individuals with a long narrow mouth eat only fish, but with a short one, according to our guide, they are quite capable of attacking humans. Despite the adrenaline rush and endless jokes about crocodiles and their jaws, the atmosphere in Sauratha is very pleasant and relaxing.